Ft. Myers Potter's House Church

Local Church With a Worldwide Vision

Pastor Jason Glasscock and wife Mindy

Pastor Jason Glasscock 

and his wife Mindy

     My wife and I were married in 2002 soon after we found out we were going to have our first child. I was serving in the US Navy, and left for my first deployment three days after getting married. Six months later I came home to a wife, a three month old baby, and more responsibility then I had ever had in my life. Our life was needless to say a very rocky one. Neither my wife or I knew anything about being a husband or a wife. Two years in we were ready to call it quits for good. That is when some friends invited us to The Potters House Church in Norfolk, Virginia. Neither of us were raised in church, and I pretty much went to keep the peace. Something happened that day in February 2004, God touched our heart.Over time he changed who we were as people, and healed our marriage. In 2013 I decided to take a step of faith, and leave the Navy after 14 years of service to step into the ministry. Two weeks later we were asked to move to our beautiful home state of Florida, and take over the Ft. Myers Church. We love this city and look forward to what God has in store, not only for our lives, but also for our wonderful Church, for Ft. Myers and the surrounding areas.